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I took a seat in one of the two seaters next to a cute, short, blonde, while Ian stood over us. At this point, Ian and I had been friends for nearly eight years, roommates for two, and had both gotten out of relationships about six months prior — with similar women. As two guys who consider themselves to be nonjudgmental, openly communicating feminists, we could comfortably talk to each other about the women in our lives — in detail — without shaming or objectifying.

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She introduced herself as Emily. She went on to say that she had gotten out of a long-term relationship just a few days before and that she had plenty of opinions on the topic of emotional openness in a relationship. She began describing some of the sexual frustrations she faced in her last relationship. She definitely had our undivided attention at this point.

Eventually, we realized we were all getting off at the same stop, but she was heading to a party. As we got off the train, Ian and I both casually suggested we catch up some time. She agreed and gave both of us her number. We casually agreed to both text her, see which of us she got back to first, and thereby determine whom she was more interested in. And a part of me was interested to find out just how frustrated Emily actually wasso I texted her first. After grabbing drinks a couple of times, she and I fell into a comfortable, primarily sexual relationship.

Soon after, an old flame came back into the A blond man touches himself for us and I decided to pursue that as a monogamous relationship.

I discussed this with Emily and assured her that I wanted to keep in touch, but I also subtly encouraged her to get to know Ian better. Let me take a moment to clarify: She has a formidable sexual appetite and is an extremely bright and confident woman. She knew what she wanted. Ian and A blond man touches himself for us, in no way shape or form, manipulated her desire or willingness to enjoy both of us separately.

This is not that kind of story. At the same time, Ian and I had coincidentally started joking about having a threesome — testing the waters. Would we ever have done it?

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Would we do it now if we could? Would Emily be interested? Shortly after Ian moved, I ended my relationship and found myself back in bed with Emily. Now it was her turn to mention her long-brewing interest in having a threesome with us.

I encouraged Emily to send an email to both myself and Ian, detailing exactly what she imagined doing with each of us, and why she thought a threesome was the appropriate venue for that experimentation.

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In the exchange that followed, Ian and I both expressed interest and invited her to explore the details more thoroughly. She made lists of questions for both of us, things she wanted to try some being things done to her, some things done to us, some things Ian and I would do with each other.

She laid it all out. To this day, I am blown away by how much courage that took.

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It meant a lot to both of us that she trusted us that much. Ian and I gave feedback on what we were comfortable with we agreed there would be no sexual interaction with each other and shared our excitement about the experience. I then went typical Type-A and worked on scheduling the event.

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At that point, Ian and I chatted again to confirm that this was definitely something we both wanted and were comfortable with, and to reassure each other that our past and our history were too strong for any threesome to fuck up. If anything, we thought it would bring us closer — figuratively and literally. Since Ian was in California and we were in New York, we did all of this through email exchanges, which required constant, no-bullshit communication from all parties involved.

We finally chose a night and booked a hotel overlooking Central Park. A blond man touches himself for us of a sudden, it was the day before the big day. The three of us had agreed this would be a safe space for exploration.

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Ian and I were confident in our friendship. I had chemistry with Emily, Emily had chemistry with Ian. We all got along. There was nothing to worry about. And yet, for whatever reason, I was nervous. To calm my nerves, I spent the day doing everything I could not to think about the night ahead.

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I got Viagra from a friend, bought weed and a bottle of bourbon for us to share — all attempts to make sure the evening went off without a hitch — clearly a doomed distraction from the start. In retrospect, I recognized that my nerves were signaling how important this experience was to me. I spent so much time preaching the importance of sexual openness and exploration, the comparability of repressing your sexual identity and repressing your personality.

It was time to put my sex life where my mouth was. Emily showed up looking fantastic, but visibly nervous. She had a white wine. Soon it looked like the booze was doing the trick for Ian.

Still at the bar, he started to lightly caress Emily. She welcomed his advances. Meanwhile, I stared anxiously into space, getting more nervous by the second. We finished our drinks and went to the room. Reflecting on it now, that was a decisive moment.

I was finally able to overcome the indecision and awkwardness plaguing all of us, and kick off what turned out to be an amazing night. We had made a group decision early on not to use condoms. Because one of our goals was to have an overwhelming amount of great sex, we all got tested, and Emily assured us that she was on birth control.

The night was a blur of ups and downs, hard-ons and A blond man touches himself for us, wet and not wet enough, orgasms and delayed orgasms, positioning and repositioning, laughter and silence, panting and muffled moans, and everything else you can imagine. The three of us started the evening at 10 p.

We picked things back up at 8 a. At times, Emily desired only one of us and the other would watch. We were surprised at how naturally A blond man touches himself for us happened. There was no awkwardness, no hesitation. When we spoke about it later, we agreed it felt natural to help the other enjoy the experience.

We finally left the room at about 1 pm as slightly different people. Personally, I never looked at sex the same way again.

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Exiting the hotel, Emily made us promise to keep in touch with her. We reassured her we would, then headed to a bar. We talked about the night, the way we always would, laughing hysterically at intervals.

We reflected on the fact that we were really lucky to have organized the experience so seamlessly and how rare it really was to do what we just did. What I hope people take away from this story is this: There is a way to have almost any sexual A blond man touches himself for us you want, as long as you communicate openly and honestly.

I was lucky enough to involve my best friend in a threesome — one all parties knew would be meaningful and positive, because we had communicated honestly from the very beginning.

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This can be applied to almost anyone, in almost any sexual scenario. Go out there and find someone or someones who wants what you want. Functional medicine expert Will Cole tells all in his exclusive webinar. I'm A Straight Guy: Group 8 Created with Sketch. Group 7 Created with Sketch. Group 9 Created with Sketch. Group 10 Created with Sketch. Group 11 Created with Sketch.

Email Created with Sketch. Group 4 Created with Sketch. Over time, we wrote it off as a pipe dream.

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