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By Sam Creighton for the Daily Mail. In the land of Hollywood, contract killers are pretty cool customers. Be it Jean Reno's ultimate professional in Leon or John Cusack's slick everyman in Grosse Pointe Blank, film after book after video game has painted the hitman as a righteous if amoral dark avenger.

But how close it that to reality? When someone is gunned down, does the person pulling the trigger really fit this super-cool stereotype?

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Santre Sanchez Gayle, left, was a 'novice' hitman, while Roger Vincent, right, was an experienced 'journeyman'. Professor David Wilson, who led the team of criminologists who conducted the research for the new study. This is the question asked and answered by a group of criminologists at Birmingham City University.

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Professor David Wilson, who led the team of four researchers, said: The hitman seems like quite an attractive image that people are responding too. The hits were not in the underworld, they were in the overworld and usually with passers by as witnesses looking on in abject horror. The researchers pored over newspaper reports of contract kills, transcripts of court cases and conducted their own interviews with policeman, prison guards and convicted criminals.

The study, published in The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, lays out a four category framework to explain the different types of people who become hitmen.

The first type is the 'novice'. As the name suggests, this is someone at the beginning of their killing career, possibly having just picked up their first contract. With the novice there is a sense that they are trying to establish themselves within a gang network and therefore will gain kudos from committing the hit. Hiding out in the Belgian town after his first hit went tragically wrong, Ray is wracked with guilt. Despite having little similar experience behind him Ray had envisioned the start of a underworld career but inexperience and immaturity meant it was not to be.

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Dilettente - Poor old Jesse Pinkman. The character for hit TV show Breaking Bad never set out to kill anyone but faced with a life or death choice at the end of the show's third series he feels forced into murdering a rival. Feeling like he stumbled into such an act of violence, nothing is ever quite the same again.

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Calm, collected and definitely not a man to be trifled with, Blank has carved himself a successful career in wet work but a slight reliance on luck stops him from stepping up to the next level. Master - Objective to a fault, almost nothing and no-one gets between The Professional and his target.

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