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The project investigates the prominent function of the Roman victory goddess, Victoria, in Late-Roman and Early-Byzantine visual culture, focussing on the representational and contextual diversification and functional universality that characterise her image and nature in the last transformative centuries of the Roman Empire. Cecilia Olovsdotter received her doctorate in Classical archaeology and ancient history from the University of Gothenburg, where she defended her PhD dissertation on the consular diptychs inpublished in a slightly revised version as The consular image.

An iconological study of the consular diptychs Oxford in ; she also holds an MA degree in art history. Between andOlovsdotter conducted the project Virtue, status, immortality: CEwith a special emphasis on repertorial, structural and contextual aspects of Roman and late-antique image composition: Schmul edsRegensburg Konstvetenskapliga studier, Research, she was awarded with the Jean Monnet Scholarship for academic year in She holds over seven years of experience in academic and institutional research.

Previously, she has worked as a lecturer and assistant professor at international relations departments of different universities in Turkey.

(Istanbul, –), vol. 1, p....

Her research and teaching focus on the European integration, EU-Turkey relations, comparative migration and refugee policies in particular the EU and Turkish asylum and immigration policiesinternational migration irregular and transit and asylum regimes, border management, citizenship, security in particular human securityinternational organizations, international human rights, research and project management Fellows of istanbul 1 p 1 EU-Turkey financial cooperation and projects.

She has been publishing many articles in high impact national and international journals, chapters in several edited national and international books and policy briefs. In addition, she has worked within national and international projects, in particular within the EU, Un and the World Bank funded projects and has over seventeen years of experience in the field of project management.

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Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul became a part of a Horizon Project, which is a three-year project that funded by the European Commission under Horizon Programme. From Factory to Museum: Reflections from the Field: Did the EU make a difference?

First International Conference, BalkanCryptSec ,...

Buildings for elite dining and receptions. Freedom in the Academia: One Religion - Two States?

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How to Make It Happen? Seminar Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul.

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Mother Tongue Education in Turkey: Nya filmvanor bland unga svenskar. What we can learn from the Iraqi refugees Conference Marmara University.

(Istanbul, –), vol. 1, p....

Guesthouse and Meeting Rooms New rates from February 6, A major part of the the ISPN mission is to improve the global health of a repository of information concerning paediatric neurosurgery fellowships. 1 Number of Fellows.

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1. Annual Number of Neurosurgical Procedures. Acibadem University, School of Medicine, Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Istanbul, Turkey. envoy then being received by the Porte, had stood out among his fellows.

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One can almost follow him, moving easily and urbanely from place to place in IstanbulFinally, it cost him 1 44 crowns to hire a dozen horses for the journey from Istanbul to to the Porte, in a letter dated 6 October, (Tausserat- Radel, p. Fellows of.

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The Royal Society of Edinburgh. – Biographical Index.

Part One . Proposers: Proposed by Council as Honorary Foreign Fellow (Billet 1/5, 3/7/).

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