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I n a scene from the Coen Brothers film No Country for Old MenSheriff Bellplayed by Tommy Lee Jones, and his sidekick Deputy Wendell are confronted by a clutch of corpses rotting under the desert sun, the result of a drug deal gone bad.

When we watch televised football we are watching television first and football second. A match seen through dozens of camera lenses is different to that perceived through the eye of the individual player, official or fan.


The authorities sensed this early on, if unwittingly, Game b ys play messy they decided that allowing controversial incidents to be replayed on screens inside stadiums was a sure way to stir up spectator anger. So far, most arguments around the use of VARs in the A-League have been based upon a false opposition: Former Socceroo Mark Bosnich sees video technology as an inherently good thing.

It is, he argues, the implementation that is the problem. Yet arguably, the key distinction to be made with VARs is between fact and opinion.

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Within seconds, a replay proved that the ball crossed the line. This was instantly conveyed to the referee and a goal properly awarded.

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No fuss, no drama — just an undeniable truth confirmed. Here the camera saw with certainly what the eye can only process fleetingly: This incident also reinforced the huge disconnect between reality and our technologically-enhanced version of it.

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Commentators and fans express outrage at the failings of referees based upon what we see through the medium of film, and in slow motion. The problem is that contention in football usually concerns matters of opinion, not fact.

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As countless recent examples from the A-League have illustrated, even when the camera serves as artificial memory what is actually seen differs from one individual to the next. In their round eight tie in Adelaide, Western Sydney Wanderers defender Robbie Cornthwaite was dismissed after receiving a second yellow card for a handling offence which appeared entirely inadvertent.

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This past weekend Adelaide United were on the receiving end of an even poorer decision with a penalty awarded against defender Ryan Strain for a supposedly illegal intervention with his arm. And then there are the offsides.

Further muddying the waters is the use of split-second freeze-framing, which renders some decisions near impossible.

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Berisha, for instance, appeared minutely offside in Game b ys play messy frame but well onside in the next. The VAR is also being liberally employed in cases of alleged foul play, causing referees to issue sanctions after much unseemly deliberation. Wanderers coach Josep Gombau later suggested the VAR should be used once every five games, not five times every game.

They then run off the field to review their own decisions, on a tiny screen before a baying crowd who more often than not will be vindicated in their anger.

At this particular historical juncture, football in Australia has more than enough problems to be concerned about. In these circumstances, Football Federation Australia might want to rethink exactly how the A-League is being used as guinea pig for such an experiment. If the game continues to conflate fact with opinion and equate the eye of the camera with the myth of Game b ys play messy, it is in danger of proving him right.

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