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Families are of critical importance for Latino communities in the United States. In this study we examined how familism shapes sexual-decision making regarding behavior and expressions of bisexuality among Latino youth. To accomplish this, we conducted 25 in-depth interviews and ethnographic observations in social environments of bisexual male and female youth 15—19 years of age for nine months February — OctoberNew York City.

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We conducted a recurrent theme analysis together with the selection of case studies to illustrate key themes regarding familism and Latino teenage bisexuality. Our findings suggest that bisexual Latino youth valued closeness to their families by maintaining family ties, and seeking their emotional and material support.

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The negative consequence for those who wanted to keep their bisexuality private is the constant surveillance of the family network. Familism is a complex construct that has a strong potential for providing insights into sexual health practices of bisexual Latino youth.

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Families are critical elements in the protection and promotion of healthy behaviors among youth in the United States and globally Guilamo-Ramos et al One of the ways of conceptualizing this relationship between family ties and the health status of youth is through the construct of familism, i. It includes the attitudes, Latinos homosexual men playing basketball, and family structures operating within an extended family system and is believed to be one of the most important factors influencing the health practices of Latinos in the United States CooheyGil et al.

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Individuals who report higher levels of familism are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors and less likely to practice risky ones. For example, the higher the level of familism, the lower the frequency of substance use among Latino adolescents and children Gil et al.

Higher levels of familism have been associated with higher self-esteem among Latino adolescents Bush et al. In spite of the positive aspects of familism as a factor promoting healthy behavior and reducing risk practices, familism has been also observed as a predictor Latinos homosexual men playing basketball maladjustment e.