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A child rides a bicycle along the promenade at Shenzhen Bay past residential buildings in China. Down the road from one of the biggest factories operated by electronics giant Foxconn, there is a temple, a basketball court and a pool hall run by a man Let me show u the ride factory video Jin. Around lunchtime one summer day, children crowded together on old leather recliners at Jin's place, watching videos on a phone. A few people play majong.

Some others huddle at a plastic table, smoking and drinking tea. But the pool tables - once Jin's big moneymaker - sit empty. Balls rest idle in old metal cookie tins. That is because fewer Foxconn workers can afford to live in this part of Shenzhen. It is one of the foundational cities in China's economic rise. Now, Shenzhen's leaders are seeking another transformation into a high-tech hub as China's budding version of Silicon Valley.

Older apartments are being converted into sleek, modern units to attract the growing ranks of the Chinese middle class and aspirational young workers.

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Many Foxconn workers are leaving. They are pushed farther from Shenzhen - just north of Hong Kong - or even abandoning their once-coveted jobs and moving back home. It's a struggle of old versus new that echoes a broader shift across China.


The irony is self-evident: The factory workers who were the backbone of China's stunning industrial growth are now becoming victims of the country's prosperity. Call them gentrification refugees, flowing out from Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities.

Increasingly, China's good jobs are clustered in the country's cities. At the same time, rents and property costs are skyrocketing, driven by speculation and lax regulation.

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Efforts to create more subsidized housing are moving at a glacially slow pace, if at all. The end result is an affordability crisis for much of the country's urban dwellers. Now they're full of people who keep dogs as pets.

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Cui and his wife Zhao used to live in the building above the restaurant. But rents more than doubled after a renovation - more than they could afford.

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