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General discussion Big Box Mofos 25 posts 25 posts. Posted December 14, I have regret over throwing away some big boxes of old Sierra titles. mofos videos, page 1,...

They look kind of cool on a shelf, but also look kind of lonely since I don't buy a lot of boxed games anymore. I never really had that many of the big boxes from way back when.

And sadly, they are all gone now.

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I'm not even sure what happened to them. Thrown away, lost, damaged and then thrown away?

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Probably a mix of all three. Sadly, the games themselves also mostly lost in one way or another.

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Too many times moving stuff for one reason or another. I guess some old Mofos page 1 disks may be hidden in some box somewhere in the cellar, but I doubt it. Not that Mofos page 1 do me much good now. Of the BIG old boxes I still keep only the following three: I know I still have a couple of them I still break it out once in a while to play on an older computer. Can't see myself ever throwing it out, it's kind of like an old friend now. Posted December 15, I used to have physical copies on my shelf, now those are filled with books and other stuff like that while moving games to a digital side.

Now I envy a friend of mine who has kept all of his physical media, such a collection and always makes me all kiddy inside when I see those. Most of what I had was downloaded or copied from friends and I don't know where their copies came from.

Then again, my dream is to set up a museum of old computers, with working machines and relevant software, and being able to display the game boxes is part of Mofos page 1. Everything else is in DVD boxes.

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I liked having the big boxes for my games, though my mind feels more at ease with digital back-ups. I couldn't afford many back in the day, so now that I have the money and the space to keep them, I've been buying many of the ones I missed Mofos page 1 on.

Here's some of my latest acquisitions:. Sold off or gave most away, didn't want to deal with them any longer. Enjoyed the money so, no regrets on that part. I Mofos page 1 however miss a nice sized manual, and the extras that came with some games like keyboard layouts, maps etc.