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I let Jay into the apartment. He was looking for a one bedroom, furnished place and had called about my ad in the newspaper.

Story from the perspective of a white pussyboy who gets fucked and dominated by a couple of nigger bucks. He'd wanted to avoid the noise of the business lunch crowd on a Friday, so he was at this trendy little place filled mostly with students. The menu didn't interest him, but the fair-haired young man breezing between the tables did. He looked about twenty, with a small build and rather Pussyboy serves two penises mannerisms. The highly styled hair and close-fitting clothes suggested a flirtatious, even vain character.

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Greg watched closely as the waiter gestured with his hands while explaining the day's special to the next table. Seeing him from the side, Greg noticed the smooth, almost perfectly round curve of the boy's ass.

His cock stiffened a little. Joey--it was on his nametag--came over and pulled out his order pad.

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He smiled coyly at Greg, recognizing that he was out of place in the cafe. He was pleased to see a handsome man in his early thirties in the cafe on his own, and the suit kind of turned him on.

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He could tell from the jaw line and the cut of his suit that Greg worked out regularly, and that he was a man used to getting his way. Joey smiled flirtatiously at him and started to explain the lunch special.

Pussyboy serves two penises had a high, almost girlish voice with a slight lisp. Man, thought Greg, This one's a real twink. A real little faggot.

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He took out a business and tucked it into Joey's shirt pocket. As he slipped it in he felt the thin cardboard graze the nipple under the cloth.

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He shut the door and picked up the receiver. Want to meet somewhere? We'll go to my place," he said firmly, then hung up.

In the elevator up to Greg's condo Joey looked up into the man's dark eyes.

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He loved these little escapades, especially with older men. His blue eyes twinkled under long, blonde lashes. Saying nothing, Greg seized the young man and kissed him, his other hand reaching down to fondle the hard young bubble ass.

A soft moan escaped Joey's throat as he felt his body pressed between the groping hand on his cheeks, and the hard cock Pussyboy serves two penises through Greg's suit pants.

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He relaxed and allowed the man's hands to mold his body, kneading his boyish ass and the backs of Pussyboy serves two penises thighs.

Greg's condo was sparsely furnished and with little decoration except a large wet bar in living room corner. He went over and poured himself a whiskey but offered none to Joey, who stood, a little nervous, in the middle of the room. He felt a little out of sorts in the condo; the place he shared with a roommate was done up in a more decorous, flamboyant style built for partying; not the plain, disciplined look of Greg's living room.

Greg took of his suit jacket and tie and sat down on the couch with his drink. He Pussyboy serves two penises for Joey to approach.

The boy walked silently over, his slim hips swaying slightly as he played nervously with his hair. He was accustomed to using his seductiveness to control men, but now as he stood in front of Greg he didn't know what to expect. Slowly he turned around, bending forward slightly to accentuate his taut little cheeks.