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Raw deck workout

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The exercises are all based on primal, animal movements which encourage you to release your inner child, use your imagination, and most importantly just play! I opted for the regular rules of the game — warm up using the green warmup cards, pick a card, complete the exercise, rest, and repeat.

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Raw deck workout cards are colour coded; green for warmup, black for standard movement, blue for mobility, and red for posture. Just like the book, you can also opt for the beginner, intermediate, or advanced rep numbers or exercise duration. You can rest for seconds between reps or just have no rest period altogether.

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I have to say for a 2-minute workout it got my blood pumping and I felt a lot more awake. It was hard work but not gruelling.

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I wanted to take things nice and controlled, at my own pace, putting in a moderate amount of effort, or at least enough to work up a slight sweat. It all went really well, I had a nice Raw deck workout of black and blue cards which gave me a mixture of jumping, reaching, walks, dips, and kicks. This made the next card super tough but I really enjoyed the challenge.

The aspect of not knowing which exercise was coming next really kept me going — to be honest, I could have carried on through the whole deck. I was having that much fun I actually forgot that I was still ill!