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A splotchy gray head bobbed toward them through the long grass. Kahlan wondered if it could be another screeling. She frantically worried if she could make the shot if it came at them.

Although, from what she had seen of a screeling before, an arrow, she realized, would do Samuel rahl stroking good. She wondered if she could call the lightning again. Richard lifted his arm in front of her. Blinking yellow eyes gazed up at her pointing the arrow between them. A sharp-toothed grin split its face.

Richard brandished the blade menacingly and Samuel, pouting, snatched his arm back. He regarded Richard with one yellow eye. Where those people live together.

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Kahlan had relaxed half the Samuel rahl stroking on the bowstring. He kept his eyes on Samuel as he spoke. She said she would kill me if I ever went back to Agaden Reach. He grunted and then smiled. I saved her life. Other than the Sisters of the Light, the witch woman was just about the last Samuel rahl stroking Kahlan ever wanted to see again. Kahlan let out an angry breath. Samuel rahl stroking you just keep her hands off you. And remember what I told you the last time. I might still have some Samuel stew if you try doing anything to harm us.

Samuel eyed the blade a moment. Without another word he turned and started off, glancing over his shoulder to make sure they followed.

Richard kept the sword out, slung his bow over his shoulder, and put himself between Kahlan and Samuel. Samuel loped through the grass ahead of them, turning back occasionally to hiss at them. It was near dark by the time they reached the village.

They came in from the east, and noticed immediately that the entire population of the village was clustered at the south end of the common field, shielded by armed hunters standing shoulder to shoulder. Kahlan knew the Mud People were deathly afraid of the witch woman. For that matter, everyone she ever knew was deathly afraid of the witch woman—including her.

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Samuel led them through the narrow passageways, toward the spirit house, walking as if he had lived here all his life. He gurgled his Samuel rahl stroking laugh as he bounded along, giving them an occasional glance. When his grin showed too many teeth and Richard prodded him with the sword, Samuel growled and hissed, his yellow eyes glowing in the fading light.

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Samuel laid his long-fingered hand on the latch to the spirit house. Mistress wants only Seeker. One powerful arm drew the door back, as shining yellow eyes glowered at him. Richard held his sword out, indicating that he wanted her to go in. The door squeaked closed behind them, with Samuel rahl stroking sour-faced Samuel on the other side.

In the center of the room sat a tall, elegant throne.

Torchlight danced and flared on the carved, gold-leaf vines, snakes, cats, and other beasts that covered every inch of the stately structure. A canopy draped with heavy red brocade and trimmed with gold tassels jutted out overhead. The throne itself Samuel rahl stroking atop three square, white marble platforms that served as steps.

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