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He ended up getting the tattoo with the Wrangler patch on one side and a ring from a pack of chew on the other.

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The whole tattoo shop was laughing while I was drawing it on him for hours. I asked him what his inspiration was. I choked on my coffee from laughing when he said that.

One is quite flamboyant and he requests a regulation-sized dartboard on his ass with the bullseye as his butthole. Of course he still wants it, and gets it. We set him up an appointment for 2 weeks out, but he never showed. He said it was so he could put words in your mouth.

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Bush doing a kick flip over his dog with lettering that says: At that point, I expected the story to spin into a very heartfelt sob about a deceased family member. He took so long that the artist suggested his date of birth, and he agreed. However, he remembered just as he was asked what his date of birth was that he was not the legal age to get a tattoo at the time.

Well I nearly hit the floor laughing when he told me. He wanted a rosary prayer tattoo. IDK what it is with kids and ass tattoos these days.

She had been coming into the shop a lot with her friends as they got tattooed and talking about it. She had the letter drawn up and everything. The answer was always the same. I told her politely to fuck off with her shenanigans. I still feel shitty about it, and hope she got it removed.

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He was a tattoo artist himself and knew what would happen. She served him papers 3 weeks later. At that point, I went and got another tattoo artist.

I have Batgirl on my leg because I wanted a tattoo and there was a comic book on the floor at the time. My personal sigh story is a lady who came in wanting her bfs name on her ass. His name was Demontray. So this time she actually listens to me and we did a second Demontray tattoo on her chest, but this one was small with flowers and she will be able to smack a rose over it later if she needs to….

And bowser had his sunglasses pulled down a Tattooed males have a fun pound and throwing a peace sign…and playing a double-neck guitar with music notes flying out of it. It was about 10 years ago.

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I assumed one of them wanted to get tattooed or schedule. I was excited as fuck to tattoo this chill ass old lady though. Until we started talking about what was wanted. I was just so taken back by it that I barely remember the conversation before and during the tattoo. Bits and pieces are there. Usually I can tell you tons about my client when they are out of my chair and its years later. Especially memorable ones like that.

The guys at the shop...

I know I asked her at least 30 times if she was sure this is what she wanted and blah blah. I remember thinking, she knows what she wants. I have tattooed various weird things on various weird places.

And the requests were almost always very wtf. I have a lot more respect for the art and the clients and the canvas than that. But I still like to have some obscure fun tattoos to do.

Enough to make him feel cocky but not enough to be completely out of it, which automatically would have gotten him kicked out of my chair. Not for something like a tattoo.

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He should be fishing using one of those plumbs to balance the line. A trolling net for fishing? Is that where it comes from? I want a troll. Big green under the bridge troll! I want it on my arm.

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I roll my eyes but start sketching a few things out. And I start it up and go for an hour and get a third of the way through before we stop. Large tattoos have to go in pieces.

I stare at him. The troll was an ugly pale green.

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The alpaca a fluffy off-white, fur glistening in the water. Well, who could forget a thing like that. She to Korea, He to Afghanistan; but I digress. I mean like are you really sure about this? We all 3 or 4 of us were utterly taken back by these words that had just resonated in the air; shook our heads and asked her to repeat what she just said…surely nobody could be that stupid.

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No, he said he would rather have a Grim Reaper…as he knew, the whole time, that his soon-to-be wife, had been cheating on him with his brother; and decided to confront her with this knowledge only after they got home from her getting his full name tattooed across her back in huge, bold, uncoverable, black letters. Shipped halfway across the globe.

It's safe to say this...

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Imgur Found on AskReddit. More From Thought Catalog. Get our newsletter every Friday! The guys at the shop didn't want to do it so they thought it'd Tattooed males have a fun pound funny to “5'3”, pound daughter had 'Bad Ass' tattooed on the inside of her. It's safe to say this "hot guys" Internet trend seems to have no end in sight. By Kaylin Pound How Many Tattoos Does Ariana Grande Have?