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Two hrs of unprotected sex

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Despite most people knowing the risks involved, unprotected sex is still something in which a great many will engage. However, official figures suggest otherwise. Cases of syphilis and gonorrhoea during this period actually rose, by 20 percent and 11 percent respectively.

Unprotected sex is undoubtedly a key contributing factor in this trend. Ready access to treatment Two hrs of unprotected sex more relaxed social attitudes to sex mean that more people are enjoying sex with casual partners and fewer are taking precautionary measures. The majority of reading material on this subject is preventative in tone: Urinary tract infections can occur in both sexes, but women tend to be much more susceptible than men, and around 8 in 10 female UTI cases develop within 24 hours of sex.

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Visiting the toilet a short time after sex to urinate helps to flush out bacteria in the urethra, and reduce this risk. In such cases, and provided it is suitable for you, the morning after pill might be advisable. The efficacy of the emergency pill depends on mostly on how soon after unprotected sex you take it. They work best when taken within 12 hours of unprotected sex, and are thought to be 84 percent effective at stopping pregnancy.

Urinary tract infections can occur...

If your partner discloses to you that they have HIV, or have had an encounter with someone else who has the condition, then visit your doctor or local GUM clinic as soon as possible. Those thought to have potentially been exposed to the infection may be issued PEP post-exposure prophylaxis within a certain window to prevent it from developing.

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However bacterial infections such as these tend to take between a few days Two hrs of unprotected sex a couple of weeks for symptoms manifest, while those associated with UTIs, BV or fungal infections may develop much sooner.

So if you notice anything such as a change in discharge or in men, any sort of discharge at allirritation or pain during urination, then these may be signs of an infection, and you should see a doctor. Where a bacterial infection is found to be present, a practitioner will issue an antibiotic to treat it.

Further testing is necessary to ensure that the medication has cleared the infection, and this will typically be undertaken two weeks after treatment has been given. The average manifestation time for those who do get symptoms is days following exposure.

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